illy bites, A Versatile Premium Meatsnack
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illy bites, A Versatile Premium Meatsnack

All Seasons illy bites Biltong Salad Recipe

Make this delicious fresh All Seasons Salad with illy bites Biltong

This is a quick, easy salad that will provide you with a good source of Protein.

Prep Time 20 min

Serves 2


· 1 bag 100g illy bites Traditional Meaty biltong

· 1 cup salad greens

· ½ a cup cherry tomatoes, halved

· ¼ cup sliced radish

· ¼ cup feta cheese, either chopped into small squares or crumbled

· ½ cup diced cucumber pieces

· A pinch of salt and black pepper to taste


· A handful of Croutons

· A good quality Balsamic Vinegar


Combine the above Ingredients together and season with salt and pepper.

You can add croutons and drizzle lightly with balsamic vinegar just before serving.


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