The many ways to enjoy biltong.
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The many ways to enjoy biltong.

Hey biltong buddies,

Biltong is such a versatile snack and its popularity is increasing across the globe as proud South Africans take our delicious snack and share it with the world.

Not only is biltong a high protein snack on the go, here I share a few creative ideas to enjoy it.

  • Added to a fresh salad,

  • As a pizza topping,

  • In a sandwich as a filler,

  • Inside a quiche or a muffin

  • Inside a taco

The list is endless. In South Africa, we are known to have a very strong food and social culture and you'll easily find a close group of friends or family often winding down on a weekend with biltong, beer and a rugby match, simply because it pairs well together. If you don't drink alcohol, you can still snack away pairing with a soda.


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